Microdermabrasion Services

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The most effective, non-invasive skin resurfacing process available. A spray of microcrystals is directed on the skin, removing dead skin cells creating a glowing new complexion. Can be effective in reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, blending post laser areas, sun damage, uneven skin tones, enlarged pores and age spots. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and is not considered a facial.

Single Session

Single Session – $65

Results will be noticeable from the first treatment, however, a full 6-8 treatments every 10-14 days is recommended for maximum results. Maintenance visits every 2-3 months thereafter.

Micro Peel

Micro Peel – $80

Combining microdermabrasion with an acid peel you receive a smoother more youthful complexion. A consultation with one of our licensed aestheticians will aid in determining proper treatment options.